The RMS Laboratory is advancing our knowledge of structural and material responses to natural and manmade disasters and developing innovative solutions to improve the resilience of structures and infrastructures.

Primary research focuses:

(1) development of high-performance functional materials and their applications to improve the safety and resilience of structures and infrastructures under natural and manmade hazards

(2) design of innovative structural systems and advanced construction technologies for resilient structures

(3) advancing the understanding of the effect of dynamic loadings on structures and structural vulnerability to hurricanes and other disasters

(4) wind energy harvesting and design of wind energy facility.

RMS consists of multiple laboratory facilities which are housed at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering and RIDER Research Center. The labs are equipped with an open-circuit wind tunnel for wind engineering research, multiple material testing machines with up-to-date instrumentation and data acquisition systems for material research, and a full-scale structural testing frame with strong floors that enables testing of full-scale structural members.

Lab director: Qian Zhang, Ph.D.