March 20, 2023
Girls Day

Students at the Challenger Learning Center’s Girl’s Day had the chance to pose with their creative egg containers before completing the egg drop challenge.

RIDER Attends Girl’s Day at The Challenger Learning Center, A K-12 STEM Outreach Event

On Thursday, February 23, the Challenger Learning Center hosted Girl’s Day, an opportunity for young K-12 girls interested in STEM to learn about the science going on in our community. RIDER had the chance to meet these young scientists and introduce them to our initiatives with fun, interactive exhibits that captured the mission of RIDER.

Some of the RIDER faculty and staff in attendance included Will Hill, Dr. Nasrin Alamdari, Demi Nichols,  Dr. Sara Kamanmalek, a postdoctoral researcher with Dr. Alamdari, and Alex Music, science communication intern.

Young engineers designed containers for the egg drop challenge using repurposed materials.

Dr. Alamdari, co-director of RIDER’s WaSCH Laboratory, is dedicated to community outreach. She was able to represent real world waterflow situations in our community through point-source and non-point-source pollutants through a watershed model. Students were able to see how rain, flooding, and other factors affect our waterways through polluted runoff from places like construction sites. The girls enjoyed spraying water on the model to mimic rain and seeing the effects of what we put into our environment has on our stormwater system.

“Being an inspiration to these young women is what it’s all about. Increasing awareness to the effects we have as individuals on our stormwater system and getting kids interested from a young age will have a lasting impression as they contribute to our water systems.”

-Dr. Alamdari, co-director of the WaSCH Laboratory