Welcome to the first edition of the Sustainable Green Team's (SGT) newsletter!

SGT's Beginnings

In September 2020 while continuing to work at Sliger Building during the height of the Pandemic, Mitch Gans with the ITS Research Computing Center began collaborating with Will Hill with the FAMU/FSU College of Engineering RIDER Center to achieve Green Office certification with FSU Sustainable Campus. The Resilient Infrastructure & Disaster Recovery Center had newly arrived to the building, and RCC was beginning to plan for certification renewal, due the following year. They realized synergy might be realized for certification of all building residents, and invited Kev Sullivan with the Center for Information Management and Educational Services (CIMES) to join them in this endeavor. Together in March 2021, they founded the FSU Sustainable Green Team. Their respective organizations achieved Green Office certification in October, making Sliger Building the first Green Office certified building on campus.

Recycle, Rehome, Reuse

The SGT wanted to make a difference, and strove to solve a big problem. A common image for conservation advocacy is that of some winged wildlife trapped in plastic six-pack can rings, and the team was saddened to discover that the rings are not recycled at FSU. Mitch found a facility headquartered in Illinois, that will allow the team to print off a free USPS shipping label, and send as many rings as will fit into a package to an actual recycling facility in Waller, Texas. Can ring recycling has proceeded for the past year, now including collection partners in the commercial, private and public sectors. If you are interested in participating in this or any other SGT initiative, please send email to sustainablecampus-sgt@fsu.edu.

Materials Recovery Facility

Sustainability is about more than implementing a recycling solution, and the SGT has expanded its attention to other opportunities. Sliger Building is now a materials recovery facility for 16 product streams, in concert with nine program partners in the United States.

We receive and process:

Plastic Can Rings

Rechargeable Batteries

Lost & Found Items

Eyeglasses & Frames

Razors, Blades & Packaging

Old Paint

CDs & Cell Phones


Remote Controls


HP Printer Cartridges



Small Appliances

Games & Toys


Services Provided

Green Office Certification Advising

We have successfully undertaken four (4) Green Office certifications to Gold, including one bi-annual renewal, and are eager to share our success stories with you. We will sit down with you for an hour with a list of our completed Green Office initiatives, and help you assess your readiness for certification.

Materials Recovery

Let us know if we can help you rehome unusual items.

Freight Weight Estimation

We can tell you how much a package weighs within 4 ounces, maximum 150 lbs.

Document Shredding

By appointment.

World Sustainability Day

Join the RIDER Center and FSU Sustainable Green Team for World Sustainability Day, on Wednesday, October 26, at Happy Motoring, 1215 S. Adams St from 6-9 p.m. Attendees will have an opportunity to learn about our initiatives, and view a recycling demonstration.   

Keep Tallahassee Beautiful: Adopt a Road

#FSUGreenTeam has adopted East Paul Dirac Drive, and will be responsible for periodic clean-up activities.


We strive to promote socially responsible and environmentally sustainable practices by empowering individuals to make the right choices.

May all your days be sustainable!

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NL #001 September 2022

CC: Mitch Gans – SGT Lead Contact