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Happy 4th Quarter Anniversary to the Greenletter!


2023 World Environment Day was June 5

On June 5, Mitch Gans presented “Sustainable IT & the Zero Waste Data Center” at the Florida Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (FACRAO) conference at the Florida Hotel in Orlando. He detailed the steps the Sustainable Green Team took to achieve zero waste at the Sliger Building Data Center at Innovation Park, and met Florida, regional and national ACRAO organization presidents. Tours of the data center are available.  

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Recycling Partner of the Quarter

Clark “Skip” Cope and the FSU Office of Distance Learning maintain and support equipment at the Sliger Data Center, and eagerly became one of the team’s earliest plastic can ring collection partners. In April, Skip brought over a load of unused printer toner cartridges, for which the SGT has already found new homes, and the team commends Skip and his department’s commitment to sustainable business practices.


Upcycle Partner of the Quarter

Cartridge Forest operates across the United States, Canada and United Kingdom to plant two “Trees for the Future” for every unused printer toner cartridge they receive, at no cost to the SGT. In May, the team was responsible for planting 14 trees in the team’s honor, saving an estimated 2.52 tons of CO2 from the earth's atmosphere.

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Outdoor Activities

The team’s Green Guide Alpha geocache is now available at the Central Pond Trail at Innovation Park, across the street from their office building. Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt community and activity facilitated by the Global Positioning System (GPS) that began after May 2000, and is enjoyed by many millions across the globe.

On May 20, the team participated in a Cache In Trash Out cleanup event with the Tallahassee Area Geocachers.

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It’s Hot Outside

Be conscientious, safeguard children and pets. Each year on average, more than 30 children in the United States perish in hot cars.



Sustainable Crossings

On June 29, the team was interviewed by Kandace Blake with WTXL ABC 27, and shared their adverse experiences in crossing the railroad tracks at Mabry Road every day to go to and from work. Hopefully, public exposure of problems with the uneven rail ties and danger of exposed spikes will expedite restorative action.




We strive to promote socially responsible and environmentally sustainable practices by empowering individuals to make the right choices.

Please let us know if you would like to be included with any of our activities and interests, or if we can help you rehome unusual items.


National Cleanup Day is Saturday, September 16, 2023.


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