The SIM Laboratory is cultivating new forms of knowledge about the sustainable management of various critical infrastructure systems. This research includes municipal utilities (solid waste, water, electricity, etc.), transportation infrastructure, and resource/debris management before and after disaster events.


Currently, our team is dedicating its research efforts in the following areas:

(1) Sustainable storm debris and solid waste management for pre-disaster and post-disaster events

(2) Transportation and construction data analytics

(3) Infrastructure and building demolition planning

(4) Infrastructure system-of-systems management in the context of sustainability and disaster risk reduction

(5) Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from solid waste landfills

(6) Beneficial use of industrial by-products and storm debris in civil engineering applications.

The SIM Laboratory was established by both professors Tarek Abichou and Juyeong Choi.

Lab director: Juyeong Choi, Ph.D.