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geology and geospatial sciences (Center for Water Resources)

Dr. Katherine Milla is a professor of geology and geospatial sciences in the Center for Water Resources at Florida A&M University, where she has been a faculty member since 1999. She is a fellow of the FAMU Digital Learning Initiative and serves as a faculty liaison for the FAMU Writing Across the Curriculum initiative. Dr. Milla completed her Ph.D. in geology at Florida State University, and a graduate certificate in Geospatial Intelligence from Penn State University. Her research interests include dynamics of interchanges between natural and human hydrologic systems. She has secured research funding from a number of agencies, including the USDA, NOAA and NASA. She is also devoted to research on the challenges of science teaching and learning in the digital age, and she actively collaborates with faculty in this area across the FAMU campus. Dr. Milla enjoys working actively with students. She teaches courses in geographic information systems and geospatial technologies, and supports undergraduate students in developing geospatial research projects. Outside of academia Dr. Milla enjoys kayaking, fishing and being in nature.

Ph.D. Geology, Florida State University, 1999
M.S. Geology, Florida State University, 1990
B.S. Geology, University of South Florida, 1985
Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence, Penn State University, 2020

Dynamics of Natural and Human Systems Hydrological Interactions, Applications of Geospatial Technologies in Natural Resource Sciences


  • American Council on Education Certificate in Effective College Instructions, Awarded July 2021
  • FAMU Digital Learning Initiative Fellow, 2018
  • Faculty Affiliate of the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Resilient Infrastructure & Disaster Response (Rider) Center


  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, GIS 1040
  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing, AGR 4430C
  • GIS Research Applications for Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences, AGG 5330C


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  • Nutrient Reduction to Surface and Groundwater by Replacing Synthetic Fertilizers, Pilot Project, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, $487,200, Odemari Mbuya, PI, Katherine Milla, co-PI, Amita Jain, co-PI, Lucy Ngatia, co-PI.
  • Spatial Mapping Education and Outreach to Limited Resource Farmers, USDA 1890 Land Grant Universities Foundation Center of Excellence for Innovative and Sustainable Small Farms, Ranches, and ForestLands, $30,000, 2020/01-2021/05, Katherine Milla, PI.
  • Building Research, Extension and Education Capacity in Hydrologic Exchanges Between Natural and Human Systems, U.S. Department of Agriculture NIFA 1890s Capacity Building Grant, Grant Number 2019-38821-29151, $582,000, 2019/03-2022/02, Katherine Milla, PI, Amita Jain, co-PI, Odemari Mbuya, co-PI.
  • Enhancing Undergraduate Learning through Engagement in Research in Natural Resource Sciences, 2016-2017, USDA Forest Service, Amita Jain, PI, Katherine Milla, co-PI, Odemari Mbuya, co-PI, $23,000.
  • Developing an Education Partnership with the FAMU Developmental Research School to Establish an Outdoor Classroom for Teaching Environmental Sampling Techniques, 2013-2015, USDA Forest Service, Alfredo Lorenzo, PI, Kimberly Davis, PI, Katherine Milla, co-PI, $22,000.
  • From the Sky to the Sea: Investigating the Hydrologic Cycle in a Coastal Watershed, an Exemplary Pilot Program for K-12 Environmental Literacy, 2013-2015, NOAA, Alfredo Lorenzo, PI, Katherine Milla, co-PI, $75,000.
  • Evaluation of Land-Use Effects and Management Alternatives on the Quality and Quantity of Surface Waters Entering Florida, 2012-2014, USDA Forest Service, Katherine Milla, PI, Odemari Mbuya, co-PI, $350,000.
  • Developing a Decision Support Interface System for Selection and Implementation of Agricultural Best Management Practices in Florida, USDA NIFA, 2011-2014, Katherine Milla, PI, Odemari Mbuya, co-PI, Margaret Gitau, co-PI, $600,000.
  • An Environmental Education Program for Expanding Conservation and Stewardship of the Gulf of Mexico, 2010-2013, EPA, Katherine Milla, PI, Alfredo Lorenzo, co-PI, $500,000.
  • Study of Impacts to Ephemeral Pond Habitats in the Apalachicola National Forest for Management Decisions, 2011-2013, USDA Forest Service, Katherine Milla, PI, Odemari Mbuya, co-PI, $300,000.
  • Enhancing NASA's COAST Online Application for Agricultural Best Management-Practices Decision Support, 2009-2011, NASA, Katherine Milla, PI, Margaret Gitau, co-PI, Sunil Pancholy, co-PI, $400,000.